High-performance electron microscope for the researchers arrived in the country

The electron microscope, of the company Jeol, arrived in Rostock on Tuesday the 20th of August. The interdisciplinary research at the interfaces between natural sciences, engineering and medicine will thus be given new opportunities for analysis. It will take a few more months for the microscope to be set up and put into operation. At the End of this year, the scientists can start the first experiments on the electron microscope. For the first time, scientists in Rostock are be able to follow live objects of investigation in the liquid or gaseous state at the atomic level. Thus, the smallest changes in living biological cells in contact with nanoparticles can be observed with high resolution. With the new high-performance electron microscope even the imaging of single atoms is possible, so that, for example, the effect of catalysts on chemical reactions can be directly followed, as well as processes of the structure formation of materials.