Internal Area for Members of the Department LL&M

We have provided different information material on the department t LL&M as pdf documents here.
In case of questions, feel free to contact us.


  • Application for Prolongation bei bestehender Mitgliedschaft im Department Leben, Licht & Materie
  • alternativ zum pdf-Formular steht Ihnen hier eine Online-Maske zur Beantragung oder Verlängerung der Mitgliedschaft zur Verfügung


Brochures of the Department Life, Light & Matter

  • Issue "TRADITIO ET INNOVATIO" of the department Life, Light & Matter [Issue 3_2010] [pdf]

Academic Yearbook of the University of Rostock

  • Issue 2012/2013

          New Research Projects and Member Workshop

          Development of the campus Südstadtcampus


  • Issue 2010/2011 

           Foundation of the Advisory Board and Scholar Conference

           Groundbreaking for the Research Building of the Department


Research Report of the Institute for Physics with a Section to the Department LL&M