Principles of Research Area Awarding

Principles of Area Awarding

An important part of interdisciplinary research on long-term and cross-disciplinary topics will be implemented by the competence centres in the research building. In addition, research potential areas are provided to LL&M department members for implementing projects related to interdisciplinary questions for a limited period of time to be specified in the individual project-related case. No right for provision of research potential areas exists in any case. In case suitable areas are available, particularly the following kinds of projects shall be implemented in the potential areas:

- Cooperation projects

- Project with junior scientist groups

- Projects with start-up intentions

The LL&M department’s management board decided upon the following application procedure for research availability surfaces on 8 April 2015:

The awarding is based on the „Directive for procurement of availability surfaces in the research building of the department LL&M of the Interdisciplinary Faculty“ passed on 16 February 2015 by the rectorate. The application for research potential areas/laboratories can be submitted via the form below to the management board of the department (llm.leiter(at) at any time. Further information and support with filling the form can be collected at Dr. Susanne Radloff.


  • Visible link between the applicant and other department members,
  • At least one applicant should be a department member,
  • Interdisciplinary topic,
  • wissenschaftliche Exzellenz des Projekts,
  • Potenzial für die Profilierung des Departments LL&M

The Application form and the directive for awarding potential areas are displayed for download here for university members only.