Research funding

The members of the WTK department may apply for financial support for interdisciplinary research projects, conferences etc.

Eleven members applied for funding in 2016.

The following projects are funded:

  • „Gathering knowledge and competence profiles and the life concepts and mobility behaviour of refugees“ - Prof. Braun
  • „Mapping of the literature translation based on a digital analysis of library catalogues“ - Prof. Buschmann
  • „Normative elements of evidence“ - Prof. Hastedt
  • „How does reformation sound in the north? The song book of the Rostockean reformer Joachim Slüter“ - Prof. Holznagel/Prof. Möller
  • „Transformations of physical knowlege: Dispositions in the philosophy of physics“ - Dr. Jansen
  • „Funerals⁶ - Churchyard obligation/Churchyard escape“ - Prof. Klie
  • „Media communication of adoloscents and young adults (AYA) in the context of cancer diagnosis and therapy“ - Prof. Prommer
  • „Non nisi grandia canto – The Transformation of Narrative Patterns in the Epic Tradition“ - Prof. Reitz
  • „Establishment of a digital field name atlas for Northwest Poland and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern“ - Dr. Schmitt / Dr. Meyer
  • „Belief systems“ Prof. Wodianka
  • „Digitalisation of pamphlet collections of the former department library Latin America Sciences" – Mr Zepf