Associated Postgraduate Program

Scientists of the department are also involved into the DFG postgraduate program in the research alliance.

The DFG Postgraduate program MuSAMA Multimodal Smart Appliance Ensembles for Mobile Applications (GRK 1424) is in the focus. It investigates system and software solutions for ubiquitous information system and intelligent environments. The topic is processed in close cooperation of the Institute for Informatics and the Institute of Microelectronics and Data Technology. The research results of dissertation scholars serve as the basis for developing future age-appropriate assistance systems in different fields of use, like those easing care tasks.

The DFG postgraduate program Welisa - Analyse und Simulation elektrischer Wechsel­wirkungen zwischen Implantaten und Biosystemen (GRK 1505/1) develops new intelligent solutions of implants that result into improving the supply situation of patients after surgical operations, orthopaedic interventions and during rehabilitation.

Interdisciplinary humanities issues related to age and migration found an interesting horizon in the context of the DFG Postgraduate Program Cultural Contact and Science Discourse (GRK 1242).