Project Laboratories/ Junior Group Laboratories

In addition to the competence centres, a multitude of research laboratories for enhancing cooperation are available to the members of the LL&M department for a certain time. At the time being, the following projects of our department members are processed in research laboratories:

  • InnosoilPhos
  • Preparatory Research for a new Special Research Field
  • Brillouin-Spectroscopy
  • Ultra-short Pulse Laser Structuring
  • Scanning Ion-Conductance Microscopy
  • Mechanistic understanding of catalytic processes
  • Structural characteristics and interactions in molecular and ionic liquids
  • Determination of transport characteristics of fluid systems
  • Interfacial tension at Liquid/Liquid and Liquid/Gas interfaces
  • Simbone – Numeric simulation musculoskeletal issues of overarching validity
  • ARENA-Project – System development for collagenase-free automated cell fractionation
  • Parts of the SFB Elaine
  • RTC – Clinic for Cardiac Surgery
  • Ionic Liquid Lab Rostock
  • Institute of Experimental Gene Therapy and Cancer Research