Research Building of the Department Life, Light & Matter

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Cross-border thinking, research and new partnerships - this has been the motto of the Department LL&M from the very beginning. After the birth of the Department LL&M in 2007, the application for the research building at the Science Council followed. This modern building for LL&M was applied for by the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and is financed by the competitive federal and state programme for research buildings at universities. After the ground-breaking ceremony in December 2009 and the laying of the foundation stone in August 2011, the topping-out ceremony was celebrated in October 2012. With the move into the research building in August 2015, the scientists finally had 2500 square metres of excellently equipped laboratories at their disposal.

In the meantime, five competence centres have been established and equipped with partly unique large-scale facilities following corresponding applications. The pages of the research profile illustrate current activities and provide insights into the research infrastructure. The research facilities for members of the LL&M Department to carry out projects on interdisciplinary issues can be made available for a limited and project-related period to be determined.

In addition to the competence centres, members of the Department LL&M have access to a large number of research laboratories for the expansion of collaborations for a limited period of time. Currently, the following projects of our department members are being worked on in the research laboratories.

An interdisciplinary consortium of LL&M scientists from the University of Rostock in cooperation with the University of Greifswald, the University of Applied Sciences Wismar as well as the Leibniz Institutes for Catalysis, for Baltic Sea Research and for Plasma Research were successful in 2017 in acquiring a unique high-performance electron microscope. This provides completely new insights into the world of atoms and molecules. Construction and commissioning are already underway. More news and details about the device can be found here.

For questions about research construction or the electron microscope, our staff members can give you the answers.



Events in the research building LL&M

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