Department Objectives

The Department Maritime Systems is a research unit of the University of Rostock. It integrates scientists across a unique set of disciplines including marine sciences, coastal and ocean engineering, environmental sciences as well as social and economical sciences. The department members are conducting a wide and substantial portfolio of third-party-funded, coordinated and often interdisciplinary research projects.

Our vision: The Department Maritime Systems will be the national leader in coastal and shelf sea research . Our team, from research students to internationally respected coastal zone experts, provides scientific and technological solutions for regional impacts of global challenges.

Our mission: The Department Maritime Systems will facilitate the creation of innovative interdisciplinary research among its members together with external partners in the marine and maritime sector. The next generation of scientists are being educated within this approach to get ready for addressing future challenges. Overall, the scientific activities of the department will lead to a better understanding of the land-coast transition and the mechanisms of a sustainable regional coastal development.