Department WKT,Digitale Hermeneutik

Termine (2 Sitzungen): 19.10.2022 (Mittwoch) von 13.00Uhr bis 17.30Uhr und 21.10.2022 (Freitag) von 9.00Uhr bis 13.30Uhr, via Zoom

Referentin: Sara Mansutti (University College Cork, READ COOP European Cooperative Society)


The study of our written past has been mainly limited by two factors: the difficulty in reading handwritten documents and the considerable amount of time required to transcribe them manually. However, over the last decade, Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR), the technology that enables machines to read handwritten texts, converting scanned images of text into machine-encoded text, has significantly improved and has already started to revolutionise our understanding of the past.

The READ COOP European Cooperative Society develops and offers solutions to make historical material accessible, from digitisation to transcription and publication. One solution is Transkribus, a comprehensive platform for the digitisation, AI-powered text recognition, transcription and searching of historical documents, both manuscript and printed. Transkribus was developed within the Horizon 2020 “READ” EU project by a consortium of leading research groups from all over Europe, headed by the University of Innsbruck, and is now sustained and further developed by READ COOP.

This workshop is designed to introduce Transkribus to participants, explain how to apply it to their manuscript or printed documents and train an effective AI model for specific types of writing. At the end of the workshop consisting of two sessions of 4 hours each, participants will be able to use Transkribus, both the eXpert and lite versions, and understand how this platform can facilitate their research and open new research questions that could not be answered with traditional methods.

More in detail, during the workshop, it will be explained how to upload images, apply the layout analysis, automatically recognise the structure of the documents, train an AI model, apply it to the documents, and search and export the results. The read&search solution will also be presented: it is a web interface that easily enables publishing the documents present in the Transkribus platform online, making them accessible and searchable on the web.

Explanations will be alternated with hands-on sessions where participants will work on their own documents within Transkribus. Therefore, participants are encouraged to bring images of handwritten or printed documents on which they want to try out Transkribus.

Technical requirements: participants need to download and install Transkribus eXpert on their computers before the workshop. Transkribus eXpert runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is written in Java and needs to work on a 64-bit version of Java, not older than Java 11. More information can be found here.

The instructions on how to install Transkribus eXpert will also be sent one week before the workshop via email.

Anmeldung: via bis zum 10.10.2022.

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