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The first international Summer School on Aquculture at the University of Rostock from 6th to 19th September 2010!

For the first ScanBalt Academy Summer School "New Developments and Perspectives in Aquaculture" we welcomed internationally renowned lectures and specialists as well as participants from six nations. Participants came from Russia, Egypt, Netherlands and different universities in Germany.
The lectures and excursions focused on the latest results in international science and research in the field of aquaculture. Four thematic fields were covered during the two weeks of summer course:

1. Biology: Fish Aquaculture,
2. Biology: Alternative Concepts,
3. Engineering: Technology of Aquaculture,
4. Law and Economy: Aspects of environmental preservation, Approval of  installations law, Sales and Marketing.

Additional to the lectures the participants had to organise themselves into working teams (ca. 5-6 members).Those teams developed ideas for new aquaculture facilities and had to use the knowledge which was presented by the experts. Lectures and instructors helped on certain questions and with arising problems. In the end the teams presented the results to the group and invited guests.

The subject-specific programme was accompanied by carefully planned social activities which also ensured that the participants became acquainted with the German culture and various aspects of everyday life.


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